Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 54: Halloween Wednesday

October 31, 2012

Today we were invited to a party at Lamma Island.  Cam and Arni were bringing their Catamarin over and everyone was going to cook out on the beach and sleep on the boat and have a lovely time. . .only it was the middle of the week and we are behind on school work.  Yikes!  It is summer all year here.  We are feeling a bit under the weather right now anyway so we opted out (even though it sounds extremely fun.)

Instead Devon took Emma and Jason Trick or Treating apartment style.  (By the way, the only costume JP would wear was his dinosaur hat and he was done after 1 tower!) Crazy!  We have 5 Towers of apartments here with 2 per floor and around 42 floors.  Anyway, it was impossible to catch an elevator for the evening.  They still had fun.

Alexis and I were too tired to go!  I had run to Ikea with Emma and Jason and finally bought some dressers for my room and the rest of the shelves and shoe thing(it is soooo cool--I wish I always had it!)  Alexis stayed home.  She was just not feeling well.  None of us have been 100 percent this week. 

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