Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 30: Girls Home from Hebe Haven

Day 30 October 7, 2012

Today we went to Aberdeen to church at International Baptist Church but we had to leave early to pick-up Alexis and Emma from their sailboat slumber party experience.  Dinah and her mom gave the girls a ride to Central and they waited in a familiar spot for us to ride the bus from the other side of the island and get them.  Alexis said she had a terrible time keeping Emma from lying down on the floor of the IFC Mall and flat out snoring!  They were pretty tired!  (The great thing about this is when Tim and I put them to bed early and go have a few minutes alone on the deck at a restaurant around the corner just being together!)
An easy place to find--even when you are tired!  I think people are starting to recognize our family.  Someone needs to tell Apple that they need more comfortable seating for my kiddos just outside the store doors.

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