Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 32: Ice Skating and Other Fun

Today was crazy.  Oliver called and had Devon and Alexis meet him to go ice-skating at the Elements Mall that has the Kowloon MTR running underneath.  So, Alexis and I had an adventure of trying to find a phone before sending the gang off across Victoria Harbor for a wonderful fun filled afternoon of ice skating and lunch!  Of course this is all good except of course Emma, JP and I had to do something fun and exciting as well.  So, we headed to this wonderful 3 story Science Museum.  Emma drove a real car (simulator) and crashed something awful.  I think we will wait a bit before trusting her behind the wheel of anything.  JP made a wonderful fort of huge vinyl blocks.  We played with giant human sized bubbles, found out we could not tip toe without being caught by the sensors and spent ages looking at ourselves in mirrors.  I think everyone had a great time.  Alexis and Devon encountered a man who wanted to test Devon’s TKD expertise.  The elderly man found it humorous to easily overcome a giant American teen with no effort on his part at all.  We all eventually ended up meeting at the bus in Central at the same time which is a strange coincidence considering the geographical locations of our varying activities!  Hong Kong is a small place.

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