Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 25: Calamity Jane

(The Up side of this escalator bites.)

Headed to the HK Museum of Art

Cafe at the Museum of Art--It was surprisingly quiet after the streets were crawling with people here for the holidays.

Escalators, escalators everywhere!  Today one bit Alexis.  We went to the Museum of Art today to see what life was like in the palace of the Forbidden City.  We were forbidden to take photos or I would show you!  It was a very interesting exhibit.  Then we went on to see an exhibit of an art collection that had been saved from calamities like fire, revolution and World War II!  Just the story alone made you appreciate the art.  We headed home a little early because of Alexis Escalator bite.  It was quite deep and will require our first doctors visit.  Tomorrow's adventure coming up.

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