Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 34: Packing Day!

October 11, 2012

There are things I will miss about Kennedy Town.  For instance, every 20 minutes the bus leaves for Central from the garage inside the building.  Stores are just a block away as are restaurants, dry cleaning and parks.  It is a quaint feeling to see and hear people playing Mahjongg in the garages—the tiles clack on the tables and the men are very intent not noticing a parade of 6 marching by!  On the one hand there are amazing skyscrapers but on the other the laundry flapping in the wind and the bamboo scaffolding are definitely Asian.  (I wonder if they ever loose their laundry from way up there?!!) There are roof top gardens to watch from above.  The comings and goings of many ships into Victoria Harbor.  Constant rushing waves of people are one thing I will not miss.  I will not miss the smells of gas, strange food, sewer, bad fish and other things best left unidentified.  I will miss the smell of spice shops.  The rows of arm chairs with old men that line the sidewalk is a fun memory.  How about the chop restaurant where the lady notices how tall Devon is and remembers what we like to eat?  Yes, there are lots of things here that I do like.  Now zip the bags and ready for a new adventure!

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