Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 38: Shopping on Peddar Street

Peddar Street Gang
Entertaining at Ikea

October 15, 2012

Today the girls, Jp and I headed to meet some other homeschoolers in Central for a little seasonal shopping.  Interesting place.  Jason found some things that he wanted so bad—a big spider, a creepy arm and hand that moved, a skeleton that danced.  He settled for a blue dinosaur hat and a ball that has a big blue light up eye on it that stays looking at you when you drop it and it rolls.  Somehow the shop keeper thought that he should have it as it was the same color as his eyes.  It was really kind of funny when he dropped it in the middle of millions of people that were walking on the sidewalk. They all raced to the side and pointed. Then they started laughing and said—“that’s really creepy!”  I think they thought his eye fell out for a minute.  Anyway, I confiscated for the remainder of the trip.  Alexis scored a blue wig to go with her Morph suit and Emma scored an 80’s wig.  We stumbled on this really great Thai restaurant.  Then we headed to Ikea.  I desperately have to have some book shelves and drawers so I can get sorted out!  Unfortunately, they cannot deliver for another week!

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