Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 29: Hebe Harbor and Sai Kung

It is Saturday--hooray!  Today we will take the apartment Shuttle to Central MTR and then 2 trains and a bus to Nancy's birthday party at Hebe Harbor.  We all decided to go take a look.  Nancy and her family spent 5 years living on their sailboat and sailing around the world!  Amazing adventures and so peaceful.  Today Molly(Nancy's sister) is competing in the 24 hour sailing contest.  Everyone is excited and there are booths all over the Yacht Club selling things and like a carnival!  We took a Sampan out to where the sail boat was moored.  What a great birthday party!

After leaving the girls (with Jason's very loud objections) Devon, Jason, Tim and I went over to explore Sai Kung.  We ate some lunch (not nearly as good as what the girls ate--we can't order very well yet!)  Jason found some puppies and a friend.  Also, we looked at some really cool seafood.  Their food here rivals the Omaha Zoo's aquarium!

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