Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 28: 4 weeks and counting!

Today we had 101 things to do.  We had to be at Immigration Tower before 11:30 but of course everyone was exhausted and could not get moving for anything.  So, the 10:00 bus turned into 10:40 bus and we were rocketing across the foyer to catch it at 10:37!  We made it to the Central Exchange and found our way to the MTR (the subway) and found our way to Immigration Tower on the correct floor at the correct window at 11:27 am.  We had cards in hand about 5 minutes later and all was good--sheww!  Everything is a little more complicated with buses and trains, ect.  

Immigration Tower is not far from Central Library which is the great big library here that everyone likes to go to so we had a sandwich and headed back on the MTR for the library.  After returning all our books, (we were on time I might add) we went upstairs and noticed that the Toy Library for ages birth through 8 had space for Jason and he has wanted to do that every time we go (I just do not ever know when we will be there to make an appointment on-line the day before.)  So, we the discovered he needed socks, down to the bookstore to buy socks, still on-time.  Then we go in and I find out that I am expected to remove my shoes and wear socks too.  Back to the bookstore.  Anyway, JP had fun and played with some kids (they all speak toy.)

After that we headed back to Time Square to get a gift for Emma's new friend who has invited her to sleep over on their Catamaran.  Gift shopping is not something I am gifted at.  A new friend is tough to enough to buy for with out my disability.  (Patsy, are you going shopping soon?)  Anyway, we survived that and hope she will like what she got!

Next we have to stop by Tim's work and give him his identity card because. . . . .he won the lottery!  You guessed it!  He had to pick-up his new iPhone between 5 and 8 pm.  So we hop on the MTR again and go back to the IFC but Devon hears chips and salsa calling him at City Super so we stop and get that.  Now everyone is dragging.  Alexis elevator bite is really bothering her and she wants to sit.  So, I leave them waiting for the bus from our apartment which will be 20 minutes and run and give Tim his card.  Why is it so much less pain and much quicker to do something alone?  I was even back before the bus got there!

So, we get back to the apartment and guess what?  I can't sit down because there is no food and it is almost dinner time!  To the grocery store I go.  No recruits either.  I have to haul the groceries home on my own!  You people with cars have no clue! To market, to market. . . . .

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