Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 31: A Friend for Jason

October 8, 2012

The anticipation of Friday and our apartment is just making things tense this week.  The girls were exhausted after their adventurous weekend and just wanted to hang out.  Jason was bored.  He wanted a friend to play with.  So he hatched this elaborate plan of taking some toy cars to the park to share with some kids his age.  (It was so funny to hear him plan this strategy!)  We could not convince anyone to come with us so off we went with a pocket full of cars and a head full of dreams.  We came to the park and there were kids older and kids younger so he chased them with cars and gained interest a few times.  Then he saw this little girl in a pretty dress and he wanted to play with her so bad but she was with some other girls.  Jason kept following her and giving her his car and chasing her.  Between the language difference and maybe the age difference (she may have been six to his nearly four) it just did not work out well!  Anyway, I rescued the poor girl and distracted the well meaning “wanna-be-friend” but I did happen to have my phone in hand and had just taken a photo so I snapped another really fast.  Candid moment but you have to feel for the poor little girl—notice how she is trying to peel JP off of her arm!  You need to know as well that there was an entire wall of adults(some she was related to I am sure) sitting watching and laughing—I do not know what they were saying but they were not going to interfere at all!

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