Thursday, October 31, 2013

Random Photos from Fall

 Glamor shot of Emma and Alexis . . . I don't remember it being so yellow . . .
 Shelley and Tim rock the world!
 Emma on a hike
 Hello Kitty marshmellow!
 Little Titus came over to visit!  He looks like a doll….
 Is this Charlotte?
 Is this Emily?
 Alexis Face Timing friends from her new birthday hammock . . .
 Sunrise from the balcony.

 Girls coming home from their practice at Theater Noir!
 Happy Birthday to Alexis!
Halloween Pumpkin looking for treats . . .

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Birthday Party at Jason's little friend's favorite spot!

 Who would have thought that Jason's little friend would have his same interests!  Hannah, chose to hike up to a river and waterfall for her birthday.  Her mother made a wonderful picnic.  We had fruit, salad and sandwiches.  The kids swam in the water for hours all the end of October!  The kids found a huge preying mantis and spent a lot of time examining it.  No fear, no one got pinched and the bug was released at the end of the day.  We walked back to their apartment and had cake and ice cream and then took the ferry back to Hong Kong Island so we could catch out train and our bus!  Did I mention it takes a couple of hours to go to our friend's house?  They are worth every minute!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Left our Heart in Thailand--We love you!

 The taxi ride to the airport was very impressive…we spent the time looking at all the pretty money from all over the world!  We gave him a $10 HKD because it is all the currency we had.  The driver was a little surprised but very happy, he thought we would have USD I think.
 Bangkok airport . . .

 Praise God we arrived safely . . . did not know these opened…hmm…..
 Sunset heading home from the airport.
 Loving the toes and the shoes!
Yeah! We are home with daddy! Group hug!

Friday, October 18, 2013

 Confession: we were so sad after the other teachers left and so tired that there was only one thing left to do!  Thank-you Rick and Lisa for hosting us and taking us all over the place--Smurf movie and all!
 Party at the mall of course!  Thanks Joanah for taking us to get our nails done… also for the mall employees for keeping the Halestorm entertained…I did not get the photo of us getting massages but that was great too!

 How does Jason find all these cool sweet things to try? He must be the right height! Crepes with all sorts of yummy toppings…ice cream ect!

 Ok, the crickets were spicy and crunchy not sweet but the facial expressions were priceless!

 Emma actually liked the crickets??!!! However, she did get some stuck in her teeth!
 So happy that Rick and Lisa own a pool in their famous Elephant building!  Thank-you for letting us swim!
 Thai kids and their play at life camp rubbed off on Emma and Jason!
 Thank-you for Starbucks Lisa and Rick!!! The movie was fun too!
 Loving the Pho ….
Of course the nails are fabulous!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Goodbye to the Teachers!

 Pizza hut with the teaching team--the Caynors, Sperlings and all our new friends from the Tri-cities as well as the Sommers from Indonesia, and Laztkos from the Philippines, and many others from all over…...

 Tired faces and Jason with his "sweet drink"

 Pastor Mailloux with Jim and Allene Latzko

Ok, so the lime is not sweet!