Friday, June 7, 2013

Pink Dolphin Watch

 On a cloudy, smoggy hot day the Hale family headed out to find some pink dolphins.  No we are not dreaming!  The Hong Kong pink dolphins play around the islands in the Hong Kong harbor.

 Grandma and Devon had a nice visit while watching for dolphins in the water.  A rain storm enveloped the rest of Hong Kong but only a few drops came our way.  Clouds (and smog) kept the heat at bay!  A beam of sun seemed to follow us.

 Grandpa Randy took many photos (which he has not sent me, hint, hint!)

 We saw 8 adults, 7 juveniles and one calf.  The babies are dark grey and gradually turn pink as they mature.  These are actually Chinese White Dolphins but their capillaries are close to the surface from the warm South China Seas much like our pink cheeks on a warm day.  The dolphins play in the water around the Hong Kong archipelago year round.  Below a juvenile plays beside the boat.

Fun with clay. . . .

 Emma, Alexis and Dinah

Duck--Alexis, Piggy bank--mom and JP

 Dice and sword in stone--Devon, little ducky--JP
Bunny Rabbit--Emma

Beginning of Summer Party!

Lok Jun Special Needs School

 Getting ready to host the children in the Lok Jun School for a little summer party fun!
 Waiting for the students to be done with school and come play. . .
 First we set up some super yummy snacks that everyone brought. . .
 Recognition is given to those who organized the meetups this year . . .thank-you to Cam and her brother!

Dig in!  The party is on!

 Bubbles were a huge hit!  Who doesn't like bubbles!!
 Blocks and building with straws were fun too!
 I  am not sure what was happening here. . .one person building the rest disassembling...we did not get far!

 One can never resist the urge to spin!

 Wall of fame!
 Taking a spin on the toys . . .when do I get a turn?
A little baseball improv. . ."Hey, batter, batter swing!"
 Getting ready to go . . .

We enjoyed playing with all the kids of Lok Jun School!