Monday, March 25, 2013

Orphanage Visit

Yesterday's visit to Shenzhen was an interesting experience.  We crossed the border and caught a van which took us to an orphanage.  It was a tall building filled with floors of children.  We only visited two areas.  In one area there were severely handicap children.  What ages? I do not know but one boy was 18.  There we colored with them all the while trying to keep them from eating the crayons and any scraps of paper that fell.  We fed them raisins one at a time.  Held hands with sores, patted backs, hugged on and stroked shaven heads.  Of course, because I do not know Mandarin or Cantonese I could not understand what they were saying.  I do not think it mattered much they still held my hands and just enjoyed some interaction.  There were some children in beds when I first entered the hall.  I just went up to them and put my hands on the first one I saw.  Girl or boy I have no idea but the child looked up at me unable to move or talk and smiled.  I talked to this little broken one and heard giggles.  So, I went to all the children in the beds and put my hands on them and talked to them.  More than one child responded!  Cerebral palsy?  I have no idea but broken twisted bodies encapsulating a little soul.  I must say that they were well clothed and well fed.  Their physical needs cared for but each of these little ones longs for more one on one attention.  They just want a mom (or dad for that matter) to touch them.  So since I fit the bill I touched and talked to as many as possible. After an hour in that hall we went to the toddlers and babies.  They had a group of about 12toddlers sitting in little high chairs for lunch.  We went up to them and they started crying like they were terrified of strangers which is not surprising considering that is the "stranger danger" age.  We sat down in front a toddler with a hot metal bowl and spoon.  The yummy food of the day was some sort of squash, greens, rice and chopped meat. It actually smelled much better than the typical jar of American baby food!  I sat there trying to cool off that super hot bowl of food. Ouch!  My toddler was sitting there crying so I played tickle spiders and peak a boo until she started to laugh.  Such a pretty little girl. Most of the children were obviously cleft palate or down syndrome but not this one.  I pray that she will be adopted into a God loving family.  When she quit eating the nurse came over and spooned a huge mouthful into her mouth. Poor thing gagged and the nurse patted her back and she spit it back into the bowl.  This little procedure was repeated about 12 times!  I think she was truly done!  The nurse took her and put her on a potty and I left.  In the next room were mostly down syndrome babies although there was one with a huge head that had water on the brain.  There was also a 7year old boy whose legs did not work.  Mentally nothing was wrong with him although he was in the room with a group of down syndrome kids so I do not think he is being educated or stimulated to his potential.  I picked up a child and that baby was so excited to be held. (A bit mooshy with the cloth diaper and food down the front!) I carried this one around for a while and talked to him/her and touched and talked to others as we walked.  Then I went to put this one back into the bed and the crying broke my heart. Stiff little limbs, bad teeth obviously down syndrome but so need a mom to carry this little one around!  I then picked up another downs girl/boy who was in the corner and needed some one too.  This baby just melted into me and clung with all the power of his/her muscles.  It was difficult to put the baby down and walk away.  So many little ones with so many needs. As we were leaving a nurse walked out of the toddler area with the baby I fed.  The baby blew me a kiss!  I hope that I can go back and love on those forgotten ones again!  In the mean time I will pray for them as often as I think of them.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hong Kong Flower show

Orchids of every color, $3! Mercy! It was amazing the variety of flowers and the presentation. We were dripping with sweat by the end and sat down for a treat of moshi. I thought it was a video game but apparently it is this rice flour sweet with a flavor like sesame, melon, mango and a sweet rice paste filling. Very fun little adventure!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 7: Chinese New Year--Everyone's birthday!

 Today as we left for church the doorman wished us Happy Birthday.  Apparently, today is the day they celebrate everyone's birthday.  We went to church and then we went over to Time Square for lunch and to check out the festival there.  Our friends brought JP a hat--fitting huh?!  He wore it all day except when Emma tried it on.  When we walked through the mall there were a lot of drums and a Lion Dance. Apparently, if you have a business you hang lettuce in the door for the lion to "eat."  Inside is a Lycee packet filled with money.  The lion eats the lettuce (spits it on the ground-sans money!)  That is for prosperity in the business the next year.
 Here is our normal bus home.  We take it from the train station to our apartment.  It is a scary ride!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Animal Farm

We just finished this book. Frankly, it was not one of my favorites but of interest because we got to attend a workshop and the musical. Also, considering the Faberge exhibit at the Heritage Museum it all went together. It was about the fall of the tsar and establishment of the new government during that time period. Socialism/communism did not seem to benefit the animals on the farm as much as they'd hoped. A few got the benefits of the labor ing class. Anyway, the workshop was fun and interesting and the play was wonderful. I loved the music and acting. Somehow the musical presentation made the violence and ugliness of the theme surprisingly enjoyable. We had to leave at intermission and so missed the end disaster and heartache. (It was an hour and a half away from my meeting and started 30 minutes late.)


The other day Alexis was upset because the leaves on her mint plant were disappearing. She went to our resident expert and a second later the resident bug collector had a new pet. "Minty" is a little green caterpillar who a few days later is sleeping at the bottom of his cage. We hope he turns into a butterfly and flies away soon!

HK Legislature Part 2

Loved the thoughtfully chosen art in the foyer! Also, loved the old and new contrasting picture of Hong Kong. One wall is a 3D representation of all the things people do here. Look closely! The other was a wooden representation of the cityscape. I did not see that until I backed up! Then the big long picture that is old on one side and new on the other!

Part 2 Heritage Museum

There is an amazing exhibit with vintage toys there. I just have to share some photos(I got permission!)

The Heritage Museum

The other day we went to the Heritage Museum to see the Faberge collection. Wow! It was so interesting to take a peek into the life of the Russian Tsars and Tsarina. There were some really gorgeous things. Intricately designed eggs enclosing music boxes, gold trains and other finely decorated things. There was a robe trimmed with Ermine and coronation pieces as well as a small dance card and things from long forgotten balls. I think I liked the miniature portraits of the families such as the bracelet that had little lockets all the way around. I also enjoyed the opening pansy with the paintings of the Tsar Nicholas II and his kids. No one should ever forget their story nor the story of their daughter Anastasia truth or fiction. I could not take photos but wish to share this trip anyway.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Hong Kong Legislature part 1

We arrived to discover grass! That in itself made us so happy! You should have seen the kids running all over in bare feet. Grass is not something to be taken for granted in this concrete jungle we live in!

HK Legislature Part 3

We went inside to view the inner workings of the government. Our guide had some interesting stories such as occasional shoe throwing from the public. Papers spilled onto into the air with the word "liar." The law making process is difficult to understand but a live tour did help. HK is a Special Administrative Region meaning we elect people into our government. However, all is overseen by Beijing. It is an interesting arraingement that seems to work well for the crowds of Hong Kongers and Expats and I am greatful it does!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tragic Weekend

This weekend a 4 yr old girl climbed out of her window on the 27th floor and fell onto the playground. My heart is so sad for the family and the kids and adults who were on the playground and friends of the little girl. We are praying for healing for all concerned. Today we installed locks on those crazy windows.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tae Kwon Do

Monday night Jason and Emma tried out a Tae Kwon Do class in our apartment's gymn. No one but Emma could do the push ups and sit ups! It was pretty funny to watch. Jason would pay attention then suddenly turn and climb the wall with the ballet bar. He also spent several minutes with his shirt over his face. Not sure it is doing much for him! We will see.


"I just want to go dig at the Sandy beach!" Who could resist such a plea. It was not very warm but it was not cold or far away! First we ran over to Stanley Market and got him a bucket. He wanted a shovel that was yellow and red. Then we walked to the beach and played in the sand. Just Jason and mom!