Friday, March 15, 2013

Animal Farm

We just finished this book. Frankly, it was not one of my favorites but of interest because we got to attend a workshop and the musical. Also, considering the Faberge exhibit at the Heritage Museum it all went together. It was about the fall of the tsar and establishment of the new government during that time period. Socialism/communism did not seem to benefit the animals on the farm as much as they'd hoped. A few got the benefits of the labor ing class. Anyway, the workshop was fun and interesting and the play was wonderful. I loved the music and acting. Somehow the musical presentation made the violence and ugliness of the theme surprisingly enjoyable. We had to leave at intermission and so missed the end disaster and heartache. (It was an hour and a half away from my meeting and started 30 minutes late.)

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  1. So many wonderful experiences for all of you. You sure don't let any moss grow under your feet :) I admire that!!