Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 7: Chinese New Year--Everyone's birthday!

 Today as we left for church the doorman wished us Happy Birthday.  Apparently, today is the day they celebrate everyone's birthday.  We went to church and then we went over to Time Square for lunch and to check out the festival there.  Our friends brought JP a hat--fitting huh?!  He wore it all day except when Emma tried it on.  When we walked through the mall there were a lot of drums and a Lion Dance. Apparently, if you have a business you hang lettuce in the door for the lion to "eat."  Inside is a Lycee packet filled with money.  The lion eats the lettuce (spits it on the ground-sans money!)  That is for prosperity in the business the next year.
 Here is our normal bus home.  We take it from the train station to our apartment.  It is a scary ride!

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