Friday, June 7, 2013

Beginning of Summer Party!

Lok Jun Special Needs School

 Getting ready to host the children in the Lok Jun School for a little summer party fun!
 Waiting for the students to be done with school and come play. . .
 First we set up some super yummy snacks that everyone brought. . .
 Recognition is given to those who organized the meetups this year . . .thank-you to Cam and her brother!

Dig in!  The party is on!

 Bubbles were a huge hit!  Who doesn't like bubbles!!
 Blocks and building with straws were fun too!
 I  am not sure what was happening here. . .one person building the rest disassembling...we did not get far!

 One can never resist the urge to spin!

 Wall of fame!
 Taking a spin on the toys . . .when do I get a turn?
A little baseball improv. . ."Hey, batter, batter swing!"
 Getting ready to go . . .

We enjoyed playing with all the kids of Lok Jun School!

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