Thursday, October 10, 2013

Autumn Moon Festival at Stanley

 The Autumn Moon Festival fell on a Thursday night this year.  So many preparations such as lanterns dragons, markets and Moon cake (not crazy about these).  Moon cakes have lotus paste surrounding a salted egg yoke although they do have some ice-cream ones but they are not traditional.  No one could tell me what the holiday was about so of course I had to resort to google.  Apparently, the ancient Chinese celebrate by thanking the moon god for their harvests.  Modern times have made it a huge party at the beach or wherever with lanterns and lights during the first full moon of Autumn.  Emma went with a neighbor but Rubee took Jason.  Alexis, Devon and I had to sit through an on-line Algebra class.  Tim was not home from work.  I really like the Potter School for Devon and Alexis but I hated for them to miss the festival.  However, they could not miss class because in a couple of weeks we are heading to Thailand and going to miss school!
 Emma and Avery our neighbor!

 Sand angels
 The moon and lanterns
The moon rising from my balcony.

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