Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A moment of LIFE camp!

 Life camp rocked the resort.  Bus loads of kids came and some traveled all night to get there!  We sang, played games, and had a couple of classes a day.  At the end of camp each group performed something for the entire camp to enjoy.  Our kids had beanie babies and did "What does the fox say?" and "Old McDonald!"  It was great fun and they took their Beanies home after.

 Here are several kids from the group home for children with incarcerated parents. You should have seen the bus they came on--it was a work of art--beautiful rainbow cartoons of large eyed kids and butterflies! Cream spoke really good English but Pepsi barely spoke.  I suspect she understood more than she spoke.  What a fun group of high schoolers!
 Just a note to say these kids challenged and touched my heart!  I pray that their lives would be blessed as much as they bless others!
 The boys were incredibly funny.  Jason loved playing with them and they were always ready to try any game!  Best, David, First and Dream kept me busy thinking up challenging games for them that would be fun as well as educational!

 "I wanna be your friend a little bit more, a little bit, a little bit, a little bit more!"

We always had photos at meal times--there are more photos out there with my kids than I can count but I was too busy visiting with everyone to take the millions of photos I wanted of all our new friends!  I hope you are all doing great and I love and pray for you all the time.  I know many of you are reading this!  If you have a photo of us send it my way!

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