Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday at church and then heading to LIFE camp...

 The first thing we do when we get to church is take off our shoes---everyone did not just my kids!  The HaleStorm is loving this church!
 Here is Lisa Caynor my friend who owns the Elephant building (jk) that we are staying with in Bangkok.  She is shining with the excitement of the week!

 My friend who likes to play with my phone--he speaks iPhone!

 Most of the missionaries from around Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines as well as the team from Tri-cities and a couple other places.

 American snacks that I got to try for the first time in Thailand!
 Ok, the weather is looking a bit wet.  It is pouring buckets.  I sure hope the weather is better when the bus loads of kids come from all over.  Some of them traveled many hours to get to camp.

The rain is finished!

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