Friday, October 18, 2013

 Confession: we were so sad after the other teachers left and so tired that there was only one thing left to do!  Thank-you Rick and Lisa for hosting us and taking us all over the place--Smurf movie and all!
 Party at the mall of course!  Thanks Joanah for taking us to get our nails done… also for the mall employees for keeping the Halestorm entertained…I did not get the photo of us getting massages but that was great too!

 How does Jason find all these cool sweet things to try? He must be the right height! Crepes with all sorts of yummy toppings…ice cream ect!

 Ok, the crickets were spicy and crunchy not sweet but the facial expressions were priceless!

 Emma actually liked the crickets??!!! However, she did get some stuck in her teeth!
 So happy that Rick and Lisa own a pool in their famous Elephant building!  Thank-you for letting us swim!
 Thai kids and their play at life camp rubbed off on Emma and Jason!
 Thank-you for Starbucks Lisa and Rick!!! The movie was fun too!
 Loving the Pho ….
Of course the nails are fabulous!

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