Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 44: Help!


October 21, 2012

 Even the evening is paradise here!  We feel richly blessed.
Another week has passed—wow!  Today we visited a church in Cyberport called Watermark.  Tim and I really liked the service but the kids were not crazy about the youth group.  Church hunting is hard.  After church we went to Central in two taxis.  It was so difficult to find a bus or taxi from where we were.  It is hard work getting around sometimes.  The kids went and bought us some lunch while Tim and I interviewed helpers.  That was an interesting process.  I hated telling 3 of those ladies that I could not hire them.  We did hire a lady named Rubee to come and help us.  She will be coming in January to help me with grocery shopping and cleaning.  I am so excited.  These are survival issues that I am just not doing very well.  Grocery shopping has never been exciting and here it is just plain difficult.  We do school all day and then have to head to the store to figure out food!  Yikes!  The interviewing process took all afternoon.  So, by the time we got home it was dark.  I got the kids fed and parked in front of a family movie and Tim and I went “grocery shopping” in Stanley.  We stopped and ate dinner along the beach.  I love those little restaurants along the beach.

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