Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 47: Pumpkin Party!

Today we went to take a cooking class with a group of special needs children and then we helped with their Halloween party.  It was an interesting day.  We suited up and learned how to make . . .drum roll please . . .cookies!  Now I am not sure about every person in the group but my kids are better at making cookies than I am.  There was a demonstration where the teachers mixed up a batch first.  The kids were shown how so in depth.  Unfortunately, everyone had a hard time paying attention for the long in depth instructions.  Then they got to make some too.  I think everyone did a great job and we really enjoyed getting to know the kids that were in the class.  The cookies were very yummy.  Next we demonstrated by doing and having the kids help us how to carve pumpkins.  Unfortunately, some of the kids in the group had never done this so I had to lend my pumpkin carving and degooing skills instead of just watching!  It was fun and too funny!  We have never carved pumpkins wearing masks, hats and white sterile uniforms before!  Then we went down and sat and sort of sang along as some local high school students entertained the kids.  Kids would keep sneaking away and make a dash for one of two things--the cookies or the door!  Unfortunately, both were next to me!  Those were some big boys too!  They were very fast.  When it was our turn I asked if we could pass out the cookies because I was tired of guarding them.  One boy thought it was funny to chew it up and machine gun it out of his mouth at me!  Yuk!!!!  They were an interesting group.  JP loved the disco ball. He was a little shy until it got chaotic in the room.  That boy loves to shine in the middle of chaos.

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