Friday, November 30, 2012

Rainbow Fruit

From left to right. . . Persimmons, star fruit, dragon fruit. Avocados are not great here we are looking for a substitute! Maybe dragon fruitamole! I will keep you posted. Persimmon salsa? Star fruit chips!


  1. You're so much more adventuresome than I am (I guarantee I will say that a thousand more times). The persimmons look like tomatoes and the dragon fruit kind of scares me. It looks like a kiwi grenade! Hope it tastes great. The star fruit is pretty :)

  2. Thanks! I try to be a good sport. It is easy to be adventurous with fruit. Meat is another thing! Dragon fruit is pretty but mild like cucumber , star fruit is my favorite kind of a sour pear flavor, persimmon is very sweet. I will post an unpeeled dragon fruit. They are so pretty!