Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 70: About Mexican Food. . .

Why is it my family has to love about the only kind of food that is difficult or expensive to get here?  Why is it that the only food I can make is so expensive or difficult to buy?  So we are learning to make it ourselves because we have to have it!

Discovered that freshly made tortillas are amazing!  Unfortunately, this means no one will like the packaged easy to buy in the States ones any more.  Remembering to put the beans on to soak the night before is also a huge challenge, not sure why but it is.  I am just not a night person.  I wish I was--I have a child and husband who is but 9pm hits and I am gone!  So if I am to get beans soaked I usually have to remember when I make dinner.

Now meat is another issue--it is expensive in the grocery stores and down right nauseating to buy at the wet market.  Do you know why they call it the wet market?  The floor is wet.  Do you know why the floor is wet . . . . I am stopping there!  Yep, going vegetarian whenever I think about it.  I like buying my meat in a square white plastic container.  I do not want to be reminded that it was a living animal once.  Moreover, I like to buy it in large quantities at Costco and freeze it.  I hate touching it, looking at it but I have 2 kids and a husband who love to eat it!  So, I buy it here in miniscule quantities at the grocery store and put brown rice in it to make it go further. 

Cheese is another issue.  There are no cows here.  I think they milk rice so JP is good.  So it is expensive and comes in itty bitty blocks.  Where is Costco when we need it?  Don't you know we go through bricks the size of well. . . bricks.  I am sure we could make a skyscraper with those bricks if we ever went back to see how many we use in a year.  Well, here I just add a sprinkle or two and make sure things are well seasoned.  We are learning to skimp on cheese too!

Salsa--that is another issue.  We tend to go through buckets of this stuff.  Luckily I bought a food processor and since no animal was harmed making salsa that is what I do.  Expensive? Definitely but you have to live right???

So, I have salsa, beans, rice and tortillas--who needs meat and cheese (don't ask my carnivorous kids! They have already put beef jerky on the Christmas list.)  My Christmas list is a tortilla press!

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