Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 64: Sunday School

Today we will bring our slumber partiers to church because they are the girls who invited my girls in the first place.  They have been here as long as us and come from Seattle and then New Jersey so we understand them! (Especially since they speak Washington!)

Jason is the trouble today.  Tim headed to Orlando and I told JP that I would take him to Sunday School.  Big 4 is too big to be a baby anymore and he needs to make friends.  So when we went to the room I said--I will stay in the room but you have to stay with your class and not talk to me.  He did really well.  I observed and he happily interacted with the teachers and other kids.  I know the teachers thought I was crazy and should leave but we all know JP!  He would have come 5 minutes later crying.  I told him that next week I will drop him off at the door and pick him up.  After church we hit the Newcomers meeting!  Jason ended up wearing everyone's name tag.

Write your name on your paper. 

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