Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 65: Stranded in a foreign land. . .

It is 7:30 am.  Tim is in Orlando and I am sitting here being really quiet and sneaky--enjoying my coffee in a "Seattle" cup and loading photos onto the computer.  It has been nearly impossible to get away from the hub bub of life and work on this Blog.  I apologize and do hope you will forgive me my dear friends!  I think of you often.  Many days I just write on Word and need to transfer those brief thoughts to the appropriate days.  The problem here is that the internet will only work in the living room due to the cement walls and the living room is filled with a sort of rambunctiousness that is always looking for something or needing help on something.  I sit down and get up 20 times then I give up because I forget what it was I originally sat down for!  Not this morning--yet anyway!  Well I had better start loading photos while I may!  (I wish blogger had an app that I could load photos and comments from my phone. . .I might need to look for that!)

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