Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 63: Slumber Party Bloopers


November 10, 2012

Girls Slumber party today.  Talia and Kezia are coming over to celebrate Alexis 13th birthday girl party style!  Wish my IKEA was all put together and somehow filled without my effort in the activity.  Oh, well!

Today on the party activity list: walk a couple blocks and go swimming.  Wish it was always this simple!  It is a perfect day--hot and humid so they will not be too cold walking home.

I walked to the grocery store to purchase ingredients for dinner.  I should have known when there was a line 15 deep for taxis that the evening might be rough.  I decided to take my bags and walk home because the Pacific View bus was a 20 minute wait.  Yep, when I was across the street from the apartment it passed me--a no win!  Then the food processor broke.  I know that is not a big deal to some of you but that is a tool that I use constantly so I nearly cried.  Birthday cookies were next--what a mess, more like happy birthday crumbs!  The party goers never complained.  They just said how great everything was and ate their cookies in bowls with a spoon!  Oh, yeah--I am still not used to the gas stove or anything else around here.  What a mess!

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