Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I think we broke lots of rules today. Photo taking is not allowed at the library-- sorry!
Also, you have to do school work at tables not on puffy seats that are scattered so nicely around in locations just screaming-use me! No one was sitting on them but I did not see a sign. I think we grated on the nerves of the multiple attendants there. Maybe the library is as strict as the schools here. Anyway, it was difficult to get school work done. We will try the ice skating rink tomorrow. It was pretty empty last time and as long as we pay admission they tend to ignore us!


  1. As usual, I have questions. Why no pictures? If you can't sit on those colorful squares that oddly enough resemble seats, then what ARE they for?

    Don't the Chinese know you can't have uber-cool stuff and expect people not to touch it?! Especially Americans. We're kinda hands-on :)

  2. Exactly my thoughts?! Why bother having a library at all if you cannot enjoy your books there and hang out to do home work? Why not just a walk thru where you order off the menu and leave??! In Kansas they loved us( I think)!