Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 21 Three Week Celebration

We were all tired after our day at the beach yesterday so we opted for a quiet day.  Tim brought home moon cake after moon cake and so we did a taste test to discover which we liked best.  The salted egg yolks were not a favorite at our house but the lotus paste is not bad--kind of like a smooth peanut butter and honey taste and consistency.  The little moon cake tasted the best to us.  We do not know what was in it because we could not read it.  Also, it did not taste like anything we had tasted before--so much for getting the same one again!

Emma and Jason took me to the park.  It was decorated for the Autumn Festival.  We thought that it was interesting that the decorations all depict Western kids instead of Asian ones.  JP made friends quickly, although, we do not know what the kids were saying.  They started playing tag of sorts that is universal among all kids everywhere.  At the end when we left they all waved and said, "bye-bye!"

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