Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 22: I won the lottery!

You guessed it!  My new phone.  I have put my name and Tim's name in the pot for the last 9 days and finally it is here!  I am so excited.  It is a pain to be phoneless in a big city although I have survived just fine (surprised myself!)

We headed into Central to get the phone.  Tim, Devon and I--the girls and JP did not want to go.  Then Tim and I were wandering around the IFC which is this huge mall and Devon was getting bored.  We looked at each other and said--go home!  So, Devon head back to the apartment.  It was weird but kind of nice!  Later that night he wanted to head back to the Apple store to ask a question about his iPod and we said--go ahead!  He was back in two hours and had a great adventure.  Of course, it helps that the bus goes directly from our apartment's garage to the garage just below the Apple store.  Almost as good as a private driver!

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