Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 12 Elevator Tag!

Elevator tag is the only way to describe it!  We were getting ready to go to our appointment in Immigration Tower and get our Hong Kong identity cards.  The appointment was for 10:45 am.  Cheryl (the relocation specialist assigned to us by Tim's work) was picking us up with a driver at 10:20 am.  Of course the room service came at 10 and was cleaning and we were a little late getting ready.  Anyway, Devon, JP and Emma were ready so I sent them down to the lobby to wait.  Alexis and I were one elevator behind them.  I get off and no Emma!  Just then I see Cheryl and the driver out the lobby window so I sent Alexis, Devon and JP to the car while I stand there biting my nails waiting for Emma to come back down in the elevator!  What on earth was she thinking!  (I did not dare get into an elevator and go after her!)  Finally, at 10:25 am she is back in the lobby.  We dash toward the door only to get the sinking realization that the car with Alexis, Devon and JP in it is gone!  Aaaaah!  So we stood there until 10:37 am (my stomach was churning) wondering if they would come back.  I still do not have a cell so a phone call requires  me to go back up the elevator to the apartment.  Should I just grab a cab?  Anyway, I opted to run back to the room and call.  Apparently, the driver, Albert, on seeing two adults (Devon and Alexis) and a child, drove to the appointment.  Fortunately, Devon and Alexis said something and they returned to pick us up.  After my call Emma and I rush back to the elevators and there is Devon saying, "hurry!"  Tag--we were it!  We did make it to the appointment--only 5 minutes late thank-goodness! Hong Kong island is geographically small.

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