Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 6--Soaked rats!

Busses, trams, taxis and trains--we have done them all now.  Today we had errands to run in Central soo we loaded up into the apartment's mini bus and voila!  We did our errand and were returning to the mini to go back when we ran into Tim coming back from lunch with a partner--how strange right?!  He and the partner wanted to show us a store so we went that way and then they left us there!  Aaaah!  Lost!  We head out of the store and it starts pouring sooo hard we could not find or see anything.  So we grabbed a tram which happens to be the slowest but it was going the right way.  Then it turned around!  So here we are mom and 4 large American kids running down the street in the pouring rain looking for any way to get home.  Of course, no taxis.  We found another Tram and headed the right way.  It quit raining so we went swimming in the pool just to finish off the day!

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