Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Everyone Loves JP by Tim

As we’ve said, the people in Hong Kong are warm and welcoming.  But we’ve noticed that JP is getting more love and attention than the rest of us.  Today, we went to the Immigration Office to apply for Hong Kong ID cards.  JP and Emma are not required to get ID cards (or they’re ineligible depending on your perspective) so when they took pictures for the ID cards, JP was left out of the fun.  In an effort to temper his disappointment from being left out, I offered to take his picture with my phone.   As I knelt down to show the picture to JP, his sister come up behind him and put her arms around him for a big embracing hug – except when I looked up it wasn’t his sister.  It was a Chinese woman that worked in the Immigration Office.  Hello!  STRANGER DANGER!!!  Several women began gathering around doting over JP, offering candy, hugs, high-fives, fist-bumps and anything else that would get his attention.

 We’ve had similar experiences on the train, in restaurants and about the city.  Amazingly – and concerningly – our shy boy is starting to ham it up!  He used to hide behind his mom if a close family friend addressed him to say hi.  Now he’s proclaiming that he is ‘3’ and loves moths to all of Hong Kong!

I feel like there are serious ramifications to this, but I can’t quite grasp what they are yet.

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