Friday, September 21, 2012

Hong Kong Science Museum

We spent the afternoon discovering the Science Museum.  The kids had such a great time that we did not even get to all the displays and will need to head back some time in the future.  All I can say is that this is Science City on Steroids!  It is huge!  Many interesting exhibits demonstrating how electricity works.  The little people have their own area that they can literally build cities with blocks.  Places where they can see if their tip toeing can really be quiet(not so much with my kids--could not get through without the sensors going off!  A giant "marble works"  They set off that is 3 stories tall and the whole width of the building(literally a block wide!)  A car driving simulator (Emma crashed multiple times, Alexis only one time and Devon was a police man's dream come true--fodder for the speed traps!)  There was a sail boat and electric boat demonstration that I could not peel JP away from (even though we could not understand one word!)  Many more things the kids discovered and would enjoy spending hours exploring but time would not allow.  We will return for sure!

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