Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 9--Sunday--Church, friends, pasta and library

We met Jim and Mary Briggs at Island Baptist Church. (Jeanie's brother from Mill Creek)  It was a great service filled with warm friendly people.  They sang hymns which made me home sick for my Mom!  Afterwards, we went with Mary and Jim to The Spaghetti House!  Great food and great friends! 

Jim had another meeting to attend and we went with Mary to the huge Central Library in Tin Hau (not to be confused with Central district).  The library is near Victoria Park.  On a Sunday afternoon, the park is swarming with throngs of people, mostly Filipino women sitting on blankets eating and laughing and talking.  Sunday is the official "helper's day off."  All across the city, household helpers get the day off so they congregate with friends in the parks and throughout the Central district.  It was quite the sight to take in.  I can think of nothing comparable at home.

After our field trip, we set out to take the bus home.  After perusing the maps and waiting and waiting, we determined that the bus routes we needed weren't running Sunday afternoon.  We found a tram that was headed to our flat in Kennedy Town.  On the tram we learned two things:  1) the buses were interrupted for people marching in the street either in protest of something important or a parade (it was in Chinese so it's hard to tell), and 2) the tram is probably the slowest way to cover a long distance short of walking.  We are learning, slowly.

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