Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 16: Sunday

Today we tried a new church.  It had a pretty good sized youth group.  Yes, it is a long way to go distance wise but it may be well worth it if we found some more friends.  We even met some other homeschooled kids but they live in Discovery Bay which might be another world!

We also tried some different Moon Cakes.  They are white and frozen.  Seems like uncooked pastry, bean past and a blueberry cheese filling.  Still a little odd to our Western pallet but getting better!

Also, I bought some limes for Tim.  They were huge.  The ones I have seen here are so tiny.  However, they were not quite limes.  I still do not know what they were.  Very yummy, somewhere between lime, grapefruit and orange.  Very juicy.

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