Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 13: Update on Our Hunt for a Flat!

Current Events:

1)  We made an offer on an apartment that we just love and it is in our budget, however, we are not in Kansas anymore and the landlord is questionable.  I am not giving up on him because I was told yesterday that a lawyer may have written his lease agreement and if he agrees to our changes then we will rent from him.  If he does not there may be some hidden defects in the apartment that he is trying to get a renter to pay for.  Your prayers for clear guidance on this would be appreciated as it is the ideal!  However, I know God's plans are best and I will pursue something different if that is his will.

2) We made and offer on a similar apartment but it is much more for the same apartment with a different landlord.  After praying about it I just do not feel comfortable stretching our budget so much.


1) There is another apartment on the 4th floor that is supposed to be similar, I will either see it Saturday.  I am not sure if the windows look into a wall or not.  I am also not sure of the rent amount.  I am a little disappointed with the way it sounds but I will check it out.

2) There are 2 three bedroom apartments available which will be an awful crunch for us with 4 kids and many school supplies that we will not have space for.  (The realtor says these might be available at the end of October if they do not renew.) I am not sure we will be able to look at them.

3)  There are other 3 bedroom apartments in our price range in the areas we like but mostly without pools and we just love pools so that is disappointing.

4) We could look at a different area. 

So, we are not locked in or without help.  We are clinging to the Lord for clear guidance on our next step.  Negotiating is long and drawn out here, you don't just, "okay--where do I sign, can I write you a check?" like in the US.  It is culturally different.  I am trying to be patient and wait on the Lord. The timing of our entire move has been strange but has worked perfectly, according to God's plan.

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