Thursday, May 30, 2013

Diamond Hill--Budhist Nunnery Visit with Grandparents

In May Grandma and Grandpa Hale came to visit.  We went to this beautiful park that was surrounding a Budhist Nunnery.  The grounds were immaculate. Quiet and serene in the midst of the bustle of the huge city.  Chimes ding and quiet music plays on speakers hidden in the landscaping.
This is how the buildings were constructed--no nails just a huge puzzle of linking pieces dove-tailed together.  Carvings of gods to ward off evil spirits and curves because spirits only travel in straight lines.
Many hidden alcoves offer seating which is so unusual here in Hong Kong.  Most places just want people to finish their business and move on because the crowds are so thick.  There is no outdoor seating anywhere!

This golden pagoda reminds me of the house of Miss Bianca (the little white mouse in the children's books by Margery Sharp.)

In Asia umbrellas unfurl rain or shine!  Here Emma protects her Grandma from the fierce mid-day sun!
The city peaks in to this tranquil spot around the edges making you appreciate your moment of peace.

A vegan restaurant is hidden under this falls.  The tables are just behind the  curtain of water.  A tempting place to eat if you care for a Fungus plate!

This building held some shiny stones or petrified wood that were the size of couches so we sat and rested in the cool building.  There is some sand around the base of some of the boulders.  A sign clearly states--no sand writing!  They must rake it daily though to keep the neat lines.  Temptation avoided for a group of 4 kids(and myself--I admit!)

The actual temple and nunnery must remain as images burned into our brains that we may not share unless we learn to draw as they will not allow photos!

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