Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 7: Snorkeling Adventure

 We had a wonderful driver who took us everywhere and showed us everything.
 Rice fields and volcanos--the view is amazing!

 Renting snorkeling gear and getting a guide.
 A canoe with pontoons on the side and a motor.

 Lubing up for the day!

 So many amazing fish.  We threw in a few pieces of bread and masses of fish came.
 Resting and playing on the pontoons.

 Balance contests.



Our final day was a snorkeling excursion.  Our driver took us to one of his friends, with whom we negotiated a fee for snorkeling gear and a charter to choice locations.  After terms were settled and the price set – I was given every assurance that it was an extremely fair price because our driver was a personal friend, yada, yada – we loaded into the brilliantly colored seafaring vessel that looked like a cross between a canoe and a catamaran (sans sails). The first of two beaches we visited proved to be an ideal spot, exactly as advertised.  The entire cast of Finding Nemo – well, maybe minus the sea turtles – was there for us to observe.  With a loaf of bread, the menagerie of brilliant colored sea creatures was literally eating out of our hands.  The sight mesmerized everyone.  After spending a couple of hours there, we went on to the Blue Lagoon.  We clearly went to the first beach for a reason.  The corral was more plentiful, the water was clearer – and everything was generally better.  The winds picked up as the day progressed so the water was choppier at the Blue Lagoon.  

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