Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bali Epilogue



All told, it was a wonderful trip.  A new culture…a new stamp in the passport…great beaches and experiences.  A testament to the adventure is the kids’ chatter about the trip.  They all recount fondly different favorite moments on the trip.  Even JP talks about seeing komodo dragons in the swamp in Baliindonesia (all one word)…  


Many apologies for the length of time it has taken me to get this onto the computer. After arriving home the entire family had stomach flu, colds and a different stomach flu times 7 people!  So we were out for the count for about 3 weeks.  Then we had some testing to do to get the kids enrolled into the Potter School for next year.  Some how my extra hard drive ended up full so we had to wait for the Hale Grandparents arrival to download photos!  I continue to be way behind in blogging!  We have some great posts coming . . . Soon!

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