Friday, May 17, 2013

Bali Day 2: Wandering around the neighborhood...

 Jason spotted this and his hero big brother caught it!
 Just walking down the main street of town.  Lots of shops with their daily sacrifice of rice, and flowers on a basket woven of fresh leaves on the floor in front of the store doorway.  Most places do not have a front wall.  3 walls is all that is needed??! It's the Bali way... they say.
 All the homes have these... not sure what they are or their significance.  Something to do with ancestor worship or their household gods...
 The doors opening onto the street generally lead to a garden court yard.  Typically they are decorated, carved, painted and have gorgeous plantings.
 We are walking to our villa.  Many motorcycles come by and honk at every entrance to let people know they are there.  Generally, we do not fear for our lives with traffic as in Hong Kong because they will try to avoid pedestrians!
 At this villa we enjoyed the spiked door and the "cat window!"
 Lots of multi layer umbrellas. Many motorcycles and tiled roads with grass in between!
 Here is a hanging thing that goes from the front gate over the street.  Also, they dress their household gods!  See the plaid cloth?!
 I thought this was a great gate!  I love the umbrellas, the statues and the carved door also, bikes!
 Almost to the front of our villa now.  The road and the plants are so beautiful! Below is another cool doorway!

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