Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bali Day 5:Ripping and Curling

 Surf School! Listening to the instructor before hitting the waves!

 Trying it dry and then hitting the waves.

 They are up almost the instant they hit the water.

 This crash was easy to predict and fun to watch (no casualties!)



Today we decided to check out Kuta Beach.  All that we heard and read is that it's over crowded and commercialised and it should generally be avoided. We actually enjoyed Kuta beach.  It is crowded and built up with countless shops, restaurants and hotels, but we thought it was a better beach than Sanur beach.  The waves at Kuta beach are good for surfing.  So Devon, Alexis, Emma and Tim got a surfing lesson and hit the waves.  The girls took to it a right away; surely aided by a gymnast's agility and sense of balance. Devon, we surmise, benefited from one part athleticism and four parts surfer dude attitude. Despite my advanced years, I managed okay too. A few hours of surfing left everyone exhausted.

 Away goes surf tot!
 What form! Can't wait until he stops freaking out when he gets his face wet.
 An amazing sunset for an amazing day!

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