Friday, May 17, 2013

Bali Day 1: Arriving at Bali

 Our first glimpse of Indonesia!  We got into Jakarta and had to wait to fly on to Bali.  Rice fields in the distance.


Arrived first in Jakarta. We felt the tropical heat hit as we stepped off the plane. First stop was to apply for visas; that is, pay US$25 per person for the privilege of entering Indonesia. Next was to find an ATM. We withdrew 1,000,000 Rupiahs with a gulp. Even though that's just over US$100, I worried about getting it wrong by one or two decimal places. During our four-hour layover, we snacked on Roti'Os and Kispy Kreme donuts, then off to Bali.


It is hot here!  Many of the women are wearing Muslim robes.  The airport has prayer rooms for men and woman.  We get a lot of stares but I am getting used to that.  The Roti is amazing!  I could eat all of them.  Alexis does not care for them.  Emma is loving any bread.  Devon and Jason had a cream filled puff.  I wish we brought Honkies to exchange.  I am worried about cash accessibility.


Upon exiting the plane, we saw bats fluttering around as we walked through outdoor corridors to baggage claim.  No immigration checks in Bali because we arrived on a domestic flight.  We met with our drivers (a second driver was needed for luggage) and were quickly on our way to the villa.


Taking the crew to the restroom was interesting.  There was a line one mile long!  Then the bathroom attendant comes out and sends us to the “handicap/family bathroom.”  Such a sweet gesture — did I mention there was an inch of water on the floor to wade through?  Yuk!  Anyway, by the time we got back all the luggage had been retrieved by Tim and Devon.  We were set to run the gauntlet of taxi drivers and find our driver.  “Jim?”  “Aaah, Shelley Hale?”  Funny but he called Tim ‘Jim’ the entire trip!  We did not have the heart to correct him!  What a great driver/tour guide he was for the week!


How to describe the villa? It's a picture out of a travel magazine. Centered around a swimming pool and open air living room, three bedrooms connected like spokes of a wheel. Thatched ceilings and wide-open French doors remind you that this is a tropical paradise south of the Equator. After settling on sleeping arrangements, we all retired for the evening. Up since 4am, it's been a long day.

 We walked through the gate of the villa into a dreamland!  Fragrant flowers were scattered on the floors tables and beds. Two steps down from the great room opens onto the pool. The great room was gecko heaven for JP.
 The master bedroom was amazing.  An indoor and outdoor shower in the bathroom. The air conditioning felt amazing too!
 This is the boys bedroom.  The had indoor and out door showers too!

French doors to master bedroom.

 View from the kitchen onto the pool.
 Emma doing the happy dance! Some how I missed taking photos of the girls room!


Candle light with flowers strewn everywhere—even on the beds!  What an amazing magical place!  We are so tired!  We crashed after figuring out water and luggage.  I think I was asleep before hitting the pillow!

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