Monday, December 17, 2012

The Felix

Amazing, wow!  Tim and I went on this amazing date.  Tim was invited to a party with some people from work at this fancy restaurant.  One of the partners came to him and said the place was known for it's bathrooms--only that is not exactly how she said it! (When i googled it there was an article about the men's bathroom.)  The view over the harbour is amazing!  The urinals in the men's room might be in the window!  We were wowed by the food, the view and the company.  I really enjoyed getting to know some of Tim's fellow workers.  We watched the light show against the buildings in Hong Kong Island.  The kid's were totally spoiled because the partner sent them cookies and leftover macaroons!  I almost did not give it to them except they found them--doggoneit!  We shut down the MTR that day!  Wowzers! Tim said happy birthday to me before anyone!  He's so hot!  What a great date!!!

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