Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Headed to Tim's work to meet him fora stolen moment! They built a huge sky slope in his building for a Christmas display. I was amazed! Next to the bank to get a new ATM card. Somehow mine quit working. I suspect a little magnet monkey but could not prove anything. Met a lovely couple in the MTR from Australia whose son works in St Petersburg (not the Florida one!) invited my family to their home in Brisbane. Well not quite they scrambled off the MTR before I could get their address ! Then I Facebooked all the way to the end of the line. People kept trying to get me to look up. I know they thought I missed my stop! Now a quiet bus ride home to join my minions and make dinner .


  1. Beautiful pic. That might be the only snow you see this year

  2. Not missing snow so much! That just means it takes longer to bundle up before we go anywhere and that I have a mountain of coats to carry. Mini van is a thing of the past so we cannot just leave things in the car.