Monday, December 31, 2012


So in Thailand my friend Lisa mentioned a book she wanted to read by Beth Moore called Believing God. I love Beth Moore's books so jumped in with enthusiasm! I have a Kindle my sister gave me for my birthday but when I tried to set it up I ended up goofing it up with the wrong account. I never really touched it since I was in Kansas just because of all the other things in my life that I am trying to figure out! Well, happy to say I am now a Kindle user not just owner and I am afraid my
friends that I may abuse your patience with some of the nuggets I dig out of that particular book so be forewarned and a big thank you to my sweet thoughtful sis Patsy who thought books might be difficult to get here. They are just like everything else I do here!

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  1. I also love Beth Moore. Last spring I helped facilitate her study on Daniel. It was incredible!