Thursday, December 13, 2012

Revisiting Sailing

JP found sailing to be a peaceful type of recreation!

The older 3 were taking lessons in individual boats.  According to Emma if you run into another boat you must do pushups.  According to Alexis--Emma's pushups looked great!  The older two felt a bit cramped in their boats.  Something about their long legs being longer than the inside of the boat.  Alexis was told she was a natural.  She thought it was lots of fun to try but did not use enough muscle.  She would like to try sailboarding and be the boat!  The wet suits we bought are partial length.  (Short sleeves and shorts)  Very happening outfits that everyone wears on this side of the island but a little cold for staying out an extended length of time particularly if you are sitting in water.

I was a little disappointed not to see the kids.  We got our wires crossed a bit.  Arnie went to the island and saw them and took some great photos.  However, the instructor seemed to think that we would not have anywear to sit on the small island so we would be better off in town.  In retrospect I wish we had gone to the island!  We did get a trip out to Jade with Cam.  Their sailboat is a  very peaceful place.  Also, we spent a few hours exploring Sai Kung but might have gotten hung up on a playground catching bubbles!

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