Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hiking on the back of the Dragon!

We are going on a dragon hunt!  First official day of summer--the kids are done with school hurray!  Now to do some exploring on this beautiful island where we live!  Above is the view from the dragon's spine.  If you look at the sky scrapers on the left you will see our home sweet home!  The spot that looks like a lake is the Tai Tam Reservoir.  It is a fresh water reserve in case of drought.
 Yes!  I was actually on this hike and here are two very rare photos to prove it!!

 The strip of land that circles Tai Tam Bay is actually the Stanley Peninsula.  You can see Stanley Prison on the far left.  Tai Tam Bay is connected to the South China Sea.  The circle of low rise apartments on the right is where the Hong Kong International school calls home at Red Hill Peninsula.
 Here is a better view of the reservoir and Tai Tam County Park.  If you look at the middle on top you will see Park View--a very lovely set of apartments that we considered renting!  (I am more than happy with our choice.  We will be sad to leave.)
 Shek O is the fishing village where we started our hike.  Here you see the very cool shadow a fern makes!
 This is a great view of the Dragon's spine!

 Ok, Devon, Alexis and Emma were with me too!

 No waves at Big Wave Bay today.

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