Thursday, June 5, 2014

Crazy Yummy Food

Here we see the typical fish burger with a rice bun and seaweed. Tim says it was yummy. I will take his word for it until I can order chicken!  The rice bun does look intriguing!

Next up we have the amazing k-roll. It is an Korean style burrito! First the Nori, then a thin layer of rice, then the lettuce, carrots, purple cabbage, sweet onion, avocado, spicy mayo (not sure what it is but tasty!). The yummy piece of chicken, breaded shrimp, or bulgogi! I just cannot explain the yummy factor--it just works!  I might have to try this at home!


This next little gem is my invention.  A pita heated carefully with hummus then a little zaatar ( how do I describe that?) 
Traditionally the Thyme is dried in the sun & mixed with Sun dried Sumac, Sesame Seed and Sea Salt. Then I drizzle extra virgin olive oil.  Next the cucumber pieces, avocado, sprouts (this time sweet pea) with some vinager, mushrooms and some hot pepper flakes. Yummy lunch!

This is my latest creation. A tribute to Chicago. Flaky crust but on the inside is from bottom to top cheese, sausage, salami, onion, peppers, mushrooms, and yummy spinach then cover bottom of crust with basil pesto put said crust on then a smear of sauce and sprinkle of Parmesan. ( the crust was fabulous! I have no idea if it was authentic because I have not been to Chicago since Alexis was born but it was amazing. Text me if you want the recipe--it's a keeper!) This is an amazing pie. Everyone(even China rice boy) loves it.

Last just to gross you out here is a photo of the sushi Tim and I both ate in Japan.  I will confess--I hate fish! That being said this was the most amazing sushi I have ever had bar none. It did not taste like fish--no clue why. Buttery and yummy with a bit of a wasabi kick. Wow--Tokyo!

Now for dessert....too bad I'm full!

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