Thursday, July 10, 2014


Unofficially of course, we have been watching sharks in Tai Tam Bay!  The police even came over to take a look. I would estimate four or five big ones.  No news seems to be in English about them even though there were reporters a couple days ago.  I heard they were on TV but did not see for myself ( I heard I have been on TV too by ladies at church and in the club house but I never saw). Oh, this language barrier! What kind of shark? Silver tip or Sand shark--we are too high up to see for sure.  They circle and the sea froths in a feeding frenzy.  We see their fins and noses above water a little.  Seems like morning and evening are popular feeding times! Again--wish I could get photos but they are very interesting to watch! Did I mention the jelly fish? We will miss this place so much!

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