Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Forbidden City

 We enjoyed walking through Tianamon Square just not all the lines to go through security.
 Here we are getting as much attention as possible while enjoying the moment tremendously.  If people are going to take photos of us they might as well be as shocked as they can be at our behavior!

 It is much too cold here!  The city is interesting but all the "stuff" is in a museum in Taiwan or burned and destroyed.
 love this very cool dragon!
 The throne room.  Tough to see through the sea of heads!

 Amazing architecture attracts huge crowds even in the freezing cold weather!
 Gotta love the turtle!
 After walking through the City (which goes forever--it is huge!), we went to a park on a hill overlooking the city and Beijing!  Look how clear the day is!!! Glorious!!

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